Ultimate freerider series

Introducing the Ultimate Freerider Series

What’s that? Freebird is evolving!

For the last two years, the Freebird Slopestyle Series at Highland has brought FMB Bronze-level competitive slopestyle to the East Coast for up-and-coming men, women, and youth athletes. The three-stop series on Highland’s iconic Claymore slopestyle course brought some of the finest amateur freeriders from New England and beyond to the forefront of the scene.

Now, in 2023, we’re taking the Freebird Slopestyle Series format and transforming it, with stops at three different courses on the mountain in a quest to crown the Ultimate Freerider.



Competition to be held in Sherwood Forest and Pirate’s Cove.

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**SEPTEMBER 16th**

Competition to be held on Highland’s historic dirt pipe, which will be getting a fresh facelift and an extension from the Highland Trails crew this season.

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Competition to be held on the Slopestyle course.

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Upper Sherwood dirt jumps
Course Details

Competition will be held in Upper Sherwood. Athletes can choose between the Pirate’s (XL) line or the medium line. The difficulty of your chosen line will affect the judge’s scoring.

Pirate’s Cove Feature List:
Roll-in | 8′ tall
Skipper | 4′ 2″ lip; 12′ gap; 3′ 8″ landing
Feature 2 | 3′ 4″ lip; 12′ gap; 2′ landing
Feature 3 | 6′ 6″ lip; 11′ gap; 7′ 4″ landing
Feature 4 | 2′ lip; 16′ gap; 5′ landing
Feature 5 | 6′ 8″ lip; 11′ gap; 9′ 6″ landing
Over-Under | 5′ lip; 16′ gap; 6′ 6″ landing
Feature 7 | 10′ 6″ lip; 15′ gap; 8′ landing
Loaf | 4′ lip; 8′ gap; 6′ 6″ landing

Event Schedule

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Course Details

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Event Schedule

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Freebird on slopestyle
Course Details

All categories will compete on Highland’s slopestyle course as it is built. The course will not be modified for the youth class. (All features have b-lines or go-around options.)

Feature 1 | Dirt Stepdown  3′ down 20′ out
Feature 2 | Cannon Log  25′
Feature 3 | Dirt Left Satellite Dish
Feature 4 | Dirt Right Satellite Dish
Feature 5 | Flat Drop  12′ down 14′ out
Feature 6 | Step-up Jump 10′ tall ramp, 20′ gap to dirt landing
Feature 7 | Dirt Jump 8′ by 18′
Feature 8 | Small Dirt Dish
Feature 9 | Up Box
Feature 10 | On-Off
Feature 11 | Final Jump 10′ tall wood ramp, 28′ gap to dirt landing

Event Schedule

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CASH PRIZING (New for 2023!)
The Freebird Slopestyle Series was created to highlight and support our local up-and-coming athletes. And while we’ve been gleefully printing exposure bucks, one of our top goals for this year’s competition season was to also start handing out the real stuff.

Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in both the Men’s Open and Women’s Open categories at all three Ultimate Freerider Series events!

Cash prizes will not be given in the youth categories–the top three finishers in the Boys U15 and Girls U15 will receive product prize packs.

Competitions will be held in both men’s and women’s categories, with a youth class and an adult class. 

  • Girls (U15)
  • Boys (U15)
  • Open Women
  • Open Men

Athletes of any age can compete in the Open Classes. You must be fifteen or younger on August 26th, 2023 to compete in the Youth Classes.

Open Class participants will earn points toward the FMB rankings. Youth Class participants are not eligible for FMB points.

There will be no qualifying rounds. All registered riders will be judged on style and tricks.

Athletes get two runs each, with their highest-scoring run counted toward the event standings. Athletes will earn points toward the overall Ultimate Freerider Series Standings based on their place in each event.

All athletes must have a current Highland Waiver on file.

Athletes competing in the adult class (Men’s and Women’s) must complete the FMB license agreement. The free Amateur License is sufficient for entry into Bronze-level events.

Athletes competing in the youth class (U15) are not required to have an FMB license.