Jump Clinic


  • Our team of professional coaches will take you from the pumptrack to clearing tables, step-ups, drops, and even gaps on Highland’s iconic freeride trails.  No matter your goals, we will meet you where you are and help make you a better rider.
  • Weekly clinics are held in a small group setting of up to six riders.   Coaches and participants will have access to all lifts, parks, and training facilities during each session.  Discounted full-day passes are available as needed.


Jump Clinics

Each two-hour session breaks down and refines the techniques needed to ride jumps with confidence and control.  Learn to scrub for speed or boost with style.

Drop Clinics

Quickly identify and fix problems with timing and technique on purpose-built terrain.  Make those small changes to your drop game for consistent and reliable execution.  You’ll be having more fun on your favorite trails and riding with more confidence than ever before!


  • Two hours of instruction and coaching
  • Discounts on full-day pass add-on
Jumps Clinic