Mountain Bike Summer Camp


Highland’s mission centers on Training and Trails: we build great trails and we teach people how to ride them. What better way to master Highland’s terrain than to spend those long summer days out on the hill, riding alongside our expertly trained summer camp coaches? Take your riding to the next level during one of our multi-day summer camp programs: Summer Ride and Ayr Academy.


  • Located at Highland Mountain Bike Park in Northfield, NH — about a 90-minute drive north of Boston
  • Day camp and overnight options available
  • All programs include lift access, coaching, food, and a lifetime of memories

Highland Mountain Bike Park Facilities:

  • More than 30 premier lift-accessed trails, ranging from beginner to pro lines
  • Multiple skill-building areas
  • Multiple jump parks
  • HTC (9,100 square foot indoor training facility)

Summer Ride is a three-day camp for youth ages 8 to 13 who are interested in downhill mountain biking. Our Summer Ride sessions are designed to introduce riders to Highland Camps and help them feel prepared for the more rigorous Ayr Academy. Campers of all abilities will learn new skills, develop more confidence, make new friendships, and take their riding to the next level. Riders have the opportunity to focus on specific freeride and downhill skills with an emphasis on safety and rider etiquette.

Ayr Academy is a weeklong mountain bike summer camp for youth ages 11 to 16, led by professional riders and Highland’s dedicated coaching staff. Ayr Academy caters to both experienced teenage riders and young rippers who already have a solid skill base. No matter your ability level, if you like to ride we can teach you to do it better.

 ENROLLMENT FOR 2024 will open December 1st

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Pay in full at the time of your enrollment and you’ll receive an additional 5% off your base camp price.

New for 2024, we now offer SEVEN weeks of camp!

2024 Session Dates

Session 1 | June 23 – June 29

Session 2 | June 30 – July 6

Session 3 | July 7 – July 13

Session 4 | July 14 – July 20

Session 5 | July 21 – July 27

Session 6 | July 28 – August 3

Session 7 | August 4 – August 10

Enrollment requests received by our Camps staff, who will review your request and process your enrollment once it has been approved. Our staff will review requests daily, Monday through Friday. You will receive two email notifications from us: one when your request has been received, and another when it has been accepted. (If you don’t see them in your inbox, be sure to check your spam folder!)

Once we approve your enrollment, your card will be charged according to your selected Payment Plan.

Once your camper has been enrolled, you will have eight weeks to submit all outstanding forms. Failure to complete your camp forms during the allotted time may result in your enrollment being revoked.

Enrolling in Multiple Sessions
You may enroll your camper in multiple sessions! For Ayr Academy campers, we strongly encourage you to limit your camper to no more than two consecutive sessions in order to manage fatigue.

Weekend supervision is ONLY available between Sessions 2 & 3 and Sessions 5 & 6. All other weekends, you must pick up your camper on Saturday and return on Sunday.


The Highland Camps scholarship program was created to help assist a handful of motivated, passionate young riders for whom summer camp may represent a financial hardship. Highland Camps is pleased to be able to offer the following scholarships for 2023:

  • Ayr Academy Full Ride: Covers one session of Ayr Academy, including optional overnight and rental add-ons. Awarded to one applicant.
  • Summer Ride Full Ride: Covers one session of Summer Ride, including optional overnight and rental add-ons. Awarded to one applicant.
  • $500 Camps Scholarship: Can be applied to any available Summer Ride or Ayr Academy session. Awarded to two applicants.
  • $250 Camps Scholarship: Can be applied to any available Summer Ride or Ayr Academy session. Awarded to two applicants.

The Highland Camps Scholarship Application can be submitted via the “Forms” tab of your parent dashboard. Applications are due on January 31st. Winners will be notified in February.

You do not need to make a deposit in order to apply for a scholarship, and being actively enrolled with not affect your consideration. Scholarships may be applied toward any available session. (Eligible sessions may become limited as enrollments increase.) Scholarships are non-transferable and have no cash value.

Parent Info

Here at Highland, we understand how important choosing a summer camp experience is for you and your family. That’s why we’re here to help make the adventure-seeking a little easier.

Highland Mountain Summer Camps offer multi-day and overnight programs for youth with a focus on mountain biking. There’s no need to be intimidated, we cater to many rider abilities. Whether just starting to explore the park or near pro, we have the programs to help your child build their skills to the next level with a focus on Safety, Fun, and Learning.

And the fun doesn’t end on the mountain. When not riding, campers have the freedom to relax in the camp lounges or participate in other activities such as disc golf, gaga ball, basketball, pool, ping pong, and more.

We select coaches and staff who uphold our values and want to spend as much time at camp as the campers. All our camp staff brings youth camp experience to the table along with CPR/first aid and Highland Camps training. On top of that, our coaches are respected professionals in the mountain bike industry; they have a vast knowledge of the sport and what it takes to succeed.

Take a tour of the site and feel free to contact us with any questions at camps@highlandmountain.com

Thanks for stopping by,

Highland Camps Staff



Family Guide 

At Highland Camps safety is our highest priority, both physical and emotional. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone on and off the mountain not only feels secure but that they are protected by our strict protocol.

Medical/First Aid
In the base area, we have a full-service nurses office dedicated to camp and able to address injuries, illnesses, and regular medication administration. Highland Mountain has a Patrol team on duty at all times campers are riding the park. Patrollers are well-trained in emergency response and rescue throughout the park. Everyone at Highland — staff, public, and campers — are constantly under the watchful eye of Highland Patrol.

Highland Camps staff-to-camper ratio ensures a high degree of safety. Campers are always accompanied by coaches or counselors on the hill, in the dorms, on the camp shuttles, and during evening activities. We maintain a 1:8 staff to camper ratio when riding and at the dorms.

Camp Safety & Rules
From the moment campers arrive, our staff of experienced coaches and camp counselors ensures they are having a safe and fun experience. We do this by maintaining a strict safety protocol along with:

  • Low camper-to-coach ratio
  • 24/7 adult supervision
  • Highly trained Patrol staff
  • Full-service First Aid Base
  • NO drugs or alcohol
  • NO weapons, violence or abusive language
  • NO theft or vandalism
  • NO bullying
  • NO aggressive and dangerous behavior
  • Campers are not allowed to leave camp boundaries

Campers are expected to follow both Tilton School and Highland Mountain Bike Park rules and treat everyone at camp with courtesy and respect. Rules are strictly enforced, and violations will result in parent notifications and potential camper expulsion. If your camper is expelled from camp they will be removed from all activities and a immediate action for pick up must be communicated.


The Highland coaching staff are all amazingly talented riders and passionate about sharing their knowledge of the sport with new riders. Our coaches are more than just great riders: they come from a variety of backgrounds that range from classically trained musicians to childhood development majors. Their skills and passions off the bike add another layer to the overall camp experience at Highland.

Camp begins every Monday with a skills assessment and goal evaluation. Campers are then broken up into groups based upon their skill set and riding goals. Our coach-to-camper ratio helps maximize safety and ensure a great camp experience.




Summer Ride and Ayr Academy both offer Day Camp and Overnight options. 

Overnight Campers arrive at camp one day earlier than Day Campers, on Sunday afternoon. Overnight Campers are housed at Tilton School, a local private boarding school located about seven minutes from Highland. We eat breakfast and dinner in the school’s dining hall, and travel by bus to and from the mountain each day. Overnight campers return to Highland after dinner on select nights during the week for after-hours riding on the dirt jumps, slopestyle course, and HTC.

Most typically, Ayr Academy campers are housed in the Pfeiffer Dorm. Pfeiffer is a three-story building made up of double and triple rooms, with every two rooms joined by a shared bathroom. Summer Ride campers are housed in the Moore Dorm, which is a two-story building made up of double and triple rooms with communal bathrooms on both floors. Both dorm buildings also have their own common room, and have counselor staff living on every floor.

In the dorms, groups of six to ten campers are assigned to a specific counselor (or counselors) to be their go-to staff member for the week. These groups are organized by age and grade level, and room and roommate assignments are made accordingly. While riding groups may shift throughout the week, your counselor group remains constant.

Take a virtual tour of Tilton School’s campus here.

Parents interested in a tour of the facilities should contact camps@highlandmountain.com



Lunch is provided to all campers by Highland Mountain each day. Both programs are served and eat lunch in our Camps Village.

Breakfast and dinner are provided to overnight campers at the Tilton School dining hall. Highland Camps staff work closely with Tilton School’s food service department to accommodate camper allergies and dietary restrictions.

Most if not all dietary restrictions and food allergies can be accommodated provided that adequate notice and information is provided when you enroll your child in camp.


Can I send my camper with extra snacks for their dorm room?
Yes, we allow campers to keep non-perishable snacks in their dorm rooms. We ask that you not pack anything containing peanuts or tree nuts. Energy drinks are prohibited.
Is lunch provided for day campers?
Yes, we provide lunch for all campers. We also have fruit, snacks, water, and an electrolyte drink available throughout the day. If you would prefer to pack a lunch for your day camper you may do so, but please do not pack anything containing peanuts or tree nuts.

Summer Camps Testimonials

Here at Highland, we think our summer camp program is pretty special–but you don’t have to just take our word for it! We asked some of our campers, coaches, guest pros, and alums what keeps them coming back every summer, and here’s what they have to say:


Cancellation & Protection Plan Policy
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of a camp up to
6 weeks prior to camp session start will be refunded less a $125 cancellation fee. All cancellations must be submitted in writing to Highland Mountain Bike Park. Cancellations made by phone will not be accepted.

Highland Mountain Bike Park reserves the right to cancel a participant’s enrollment for lack of payment, failure to complete required camp forms, or failure to comply with the standards of conduct.

If you would like to change your session dates, this can be done 6 weeks prior to the start of the session and only if there is available space in the session you’d like to move to.

If a participant does not complete the program due to personal injuries and/or illness, you will receive a prorated credit of your base camp price (and rental cost, if applicable) for days missed.

Credits are valid for 12 months and are not transferable. Unused or expired credits are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Campers who are not eligible for future years of camp due to age or any other circumstance will not be refunded credits. We strongly recommend you purchase our protection plan or other travel insurance.

If a participant does not complete the program for any reason other than personal injury or illness, including but not limited to change of plans, friend’s early departure, bicycle failure, or weather (when the session is not canceled by Highland Mountain Bike Park), their tuition will NOT be reimbursed, credited or moved to a later session.

All Cancellations within 6 weeks of arrival will not be refunded.

Protection Plan 
Purchasing the Highland Camps Protection Plan will allow you to receive a refund of payments made minus the registration fee and protection plan fee for any camp days missed.

  • You can purchase the protection plan for 7% of your camp tuition and additional options

If you opt out of purchasing the Highland Camps Protection Plan, our standard Cancellation Policy will apply to your camp sessions and you will not be eligible for a refund in the event of a cancellation for any reason.

If you opt out of our protection plan we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance independently.

What does a typical day look like?
8:00am–8:30am — Breakfast at the school dining hall

[8:30am-9:00am — Day camper drop-off at Highland]

8:45am–9:00am — Bus over to Highland Mountain

9:30am–12:00pm —Riding skill of the day instruction

12:00pm–1:00pm — Lunch break at Highland (lunch is provided for all campers)

1:00pm–5:00pm — Ride Mountain*

[5:00pm-5:30pm — Day camper pick-up at Highland]

5:30pm–5:45pm — Bus back to school

6:00pm–7:00pm — Dinner at school dining hall

7:00pm–9:00pm — Evening activity/downtime

10:00pm — Lights out

*Coaches may also choose to take groups to ride the dirt jumps or HTC (indoor training center)

**Schedule subject to change based on weather and participants

Cell Phone Policy
We would prefer that campers do not bring cell phones with them to camp. If your child does choose to bring their cell phone, it will be checked in with their counselor upon arrival. Phones will be kept secured and locked in their counselor’s room. Camper cell phones will only be returned during their camp session  in the event of an emergency. Dorm staff, camp nurses, and camp coordinators will be accessible via mobile phone for any parent questions or concerns during camp. 

Any camper found to be using a cell phone will be considered in violation of their Standards Conduct Agreement and are subject to loss of riding privileges and/or being sent home.

Is this policy the same for day campers?
Yes. Day campers’ phones will be checked in with staff in the morning at drop-off and returned in the afternoon at pickup. Phones will be kept secured in the Camps office.

What if I need to get in touch with my child?
Parents can always call the main Camps phone at (603) 731-1499 if they need to convey information to their child. We can also be reached at camps@highlandmountain.com
In the event of an emergency after hours, you may reach the Head Counselor via the dorm phone. The camps nurse will also be available to parents via the nurse’s phone. These numbers will be provided to all parents prior to camper arrival.

What if my child needs to get in touch with me?
In the event of an emergency, Camps staff will always contact your camper’s parent(s) first. If parents are unavailable, we will then reach out to the emergency contacts you provided upon enrollment.
If your camper is experiencing homesickness to a degree that warrants a call home, staff will help them discreetly use the camps phone to get in touch with you.


What if I have a special diet?
We can accommodate many dietary needs. Meals always have a vegetarian option. On your enrollment forms, there will be space to describe in as much detail as possible any dietary needs. Please contact us with any questions
Do I have to be an expert rider?

You don’t have to be an expert rider

We welcome all riding levels. Highland Mountain offers trails for a full spectrum of abilities. We’ve hosted first-timers to advanced riders with years of experience. Our coaching staff is trained to evaluate campers and group them into ability levels. Please refer to our skills assessment page when enrolling.

Practice makes permanent

Most Highland campers are intermediate to advanced riders who want to improve their skills, learn to catch some air, or hit a famous drop at Highland. Each day coaches teach valuable fundamentals to their group and work on them throughout the day.

Can my camper choose their roommate?
We do allow campers to submit a “Roommate Request” when enrolling. We cannot give a 100% guarantee that you’ll have the roommate you ask for, but we do our very best to accommodate the requests we receive.
Packing List
All campers should bring the following:

  • Full-suspension bike for downhill riding*
  • Dirt jumper (optional)
  • Full-face helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads* (mandatory)
  • Riding gear: goggles, gloves, jerseys, shorts, appropriate footwear
  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray

Overnight campers should also pack:

  • Street clothes
  • Bedding (twin-sized bed)
  • Towel(s)
  • Toiletries
  • Fan (a box fan will fit comfortably in the dorm windows)
  • Padlock to secure personal items in the dorms or Highland’s lockers (optional)

Any camper with medication must bring their medication with them to the Camp Health Center at check-in. All medications must be in their original container with a clear and legible prescription from a doctor.

Do NOT bring any of the following:

  • Energy drinks
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Drugs, alcohol, or related paraphernalia
  • Tablets, laptops, gaming systems, or other electronics


*Bikes and safety equipment are all available to be rented. Find more information here and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Traveling by Air?
Airline Travel Info
Campers traveling by air can fly into either of these two airports, shuttle fees apply.

Manchester Airport (MHT) in Manchester NH, 35 min away – $75/one way
Boston Logan Airport (BOS) in Boston MA, 1.5 hours away – $125/one way

Departure Information
Summer Ride camper pickup is at 5:15 at Highland on Wednesday evening. Campers will pack up their dorm room in the morning and bring their belongings with them to the mountain for a one-stop pickup.

Ayr Academy camper pickup is at  10:00am at Tilton School on Saturday following their session. Once room checkout is complete parents and campers make their way to Highland for final checkout and bike pickup.  There is no camper signout without a parent or guardian present. Campers are not allowed to sign themselves out early and ride Saturday.  They are able to ride Saturday once checked out by a parent/guardian.

Campers traveling by air will be dropped off at their airport 1.5–2 hours before their scheduled flight time.

Arrival Information
Campers traveling by car should arrive on Sunday of their camp session at Highland Mountain Bike Park at 4pm for bikes and riding gear check-in. After gear drop off, campers and parents should head to Tilton School with the rest of their luggage for final check-in 4pm – 5pm.  Once at Tilton School, campers will check into their rooms and say their goodbyes.  Camp will start at 5pm with camper orientation and a welcome dinner at 6pm
COVID Policy
At this time, we are working under the assumption that we will be operating under similar requirements and guidelines to summer 2021. As a licensed NH camp, we are required to follow State of NH Dept of Health and Human Services guidelines. These will continue to evolve over the winter and early spring, and we will be sure to keep you updated.