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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


The additional anchors have been installed to the summit terminal. These anchors have increased the safety of the chairlift by approximately three times the State of New Hampshire requirement. Thank you for your understanding and patience.



In the mean time the Trail Crew has taken full advantage of the much needed rain and some down time to get out and maintain beat up sections of trail all across the mountain. Things are looking great for our reopening of the mountain on Thursday and we will continue to work on trails and take advantage of this awesome weather pattern. Thank you for your patience as things tend to deteriorate after over a month with no rain we look forward to getting the rest of the hill riding better than ever as we head into fall!

Cat's Paw Rework

Happy Hour Rework

Happy Hour

Trail Crew on Happy Hour

NEW Freedom Trail

After a month of work the Trail crew has completed and opened a new mile long section of Freedom Trail. The trail is geared towards those finding their way to downhill mountain biking for the first time and has been built with training and progression in mind. The newly opened section temporarily drops you off into lower Meadows End and Easy Rider. The remaining 3/4 of a mile of Freedom Trail will continue to be constructed in the same style of easy fun and flow until we reach the base!

-Tom Lepesqueur, COO Trails

Freedom Trail Sign

Freedom Bridge

Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail

Weekend of 8/19–8/21

Weekend Forecast for 8/19 – 8/21

Trail Closures this week*:

Meadows End

Check our Conditions Page for a more detailed listing.

*Subject to change based on weather and other sudden trail hazards.