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Thursday May 26, 2016

The Trail Crew has continued working hard this week to get more open. On the hill the trails are in awesome condition, fast and dry. Around the base there has been significant progress on both Upper and Lower Sherwood Forest. The larger line in Upper Sherwood will be open for the weekend! In addition, there will be a soft opening of Lower Sherwood. Many of the jumps have been moved or altered so please look before you leap. There are still plans for a new wall ride and a return line continuing towards the start decks. In the mean time a temporary catch berm has been built at the end of the two jump lines. Come out and help get some tire tracks on the fresh dirt!

-Tom Lepesqueur, COO Trails


Trail Closures this week*:

Meadows End
Lower Sherwood – Open Saturday-Sunday
Upper Sherwood- 100% open Saturday-Sunday

Check our Conditions Page for a more detailed listing.

*Subject to change based on weather and other sudden trail hazards.


Don’t forget the Central Park will be running Saturday-Sunday 9am – 4pm