The past two weekends have been very successful for Team Highland. The first weekend the whole team was in attendance for stop #5 of the Eastern States Cup Series at Mount Snow. The course was fun and the team was set for a good race. Grayson was first up and won his class with plenty of room. Sam Wiggin crashed in his run but still managed to win the class. This was Sam’s first win this year and expect to see plenty more. Damon was having a good run and was almost down the trail when the last mud hole took him out. He managed to finish fourth less than a second from the podium. Chuck flatted at the start of his run but he still finished saving some points.

The past weekend Damon, Chuck, and Grayson were at Plattekill for stop #6. Grayson once again won along with Chuck and Damon. For the first time the Morins swept all there classes at the same race. Dylan Conte had a mistake at Mount Snow finishing fifth and finished second at Plattekill, Nice Job Dylan! The whole team will once agin be in attendance at Killington so stop by and say hi!