This weekend Team Highland went down to New York to race the Pro GRT stop #3. The  category 1 and pro course at Plattekill was a very challenging course with some big drops and narly rocks.  The loose rock made for some fun racing and definitely kept riders on their toes.  The category 3 course was super and slippery and with Sam wiggin not there Grayson was left to battle it on his own.  He took another solid third place with a time of 4:47. Grayson is getting faster and more confident with every weekend that passes and pretty soon he will be moving up the ranks and really turning some heads. Damon also had a challenging weekend racing against 15 of the best juniors in the US. In seeding Damon was sitting in fifth, eleven seconds from first with a time of 3:08. In finals Damon came down with a time of 2:58 breaking 3 minutes. His run was 10 seconds quicker than his seeding and he finished Fifth, only 8 seconds off of the win. Chuck has been dominating all year in the expert 40 plus class. He took the win by six seconds this weekend with a time of 3:09. All around a great weekend for Team Highland! Congrats guys and keep up the good work!

Chuck, Sam, and Damon from team Highland will be in attendance this weekend at the U.S. open in New Jersey, so keep an eye out for the camper and trailor as team highland sets it’s sights on the US Open podium.

Photos courtesy of Matt Delorme