Whats up everybody? What a great weekend of riding at Highland the trails were running super good, dry and fast . Toward the end of last week we got the beginnings of some new jump lines roughed in. So far there are a few jumps in a beginner table top line, and a line of doubles right next to it. I also roughed in the two lips to the medium sized rhythms of doubles. This upcoming week we plan on hammering out some jumps, weather looks good and dirt is dry enough to build so get ready to see a lot of new jumps very soon.

This view is from standing on the start ramp about to drop in.

In this pic you are looking up at the first two jumps and the start platform for all the jump lines in the middle section of the park.

saturday night, Dennis his wife Rachael, Kevin Viani, Aaron Chase and myself dusted off our leather vest and mullet wigs to go throw up the horns at the Vince Neal concert. For all the years of rocking these bands have done they could still tear it up on stage, it was awsome.