Words & Photos: Ryan Thibault unless noted

S’Ender Bash! Highland’s annual season ender party happens each year on closing day, and it’s a crazy affair. This year’s poster said it best: ride lifts, burn laps, dress up, get down and party! …and that’s what we did.

Nearly 300 people converged on the hill to get in their last fix for the season. Another lap? Don’t mind if we do.

The day was cold but spirits were high. The Sherwood jump-jam was full on. The dual slalom course saw an impromptu race break out and quickly degrade into a mass-start slalom rampage! The Highland Trail Crew klunked around the mountain in full regalia, boosting jumps, bending steel forks and “cold forging” them back into shape to boost again.

The lift line felt like a party, and by the time the bull wheel stopped spinning everybody was primed for the base lodge bash. DJ Rekkon kicked the event off with a musical mashup before The Cop Outs took the stage. Once the amps were powered up and the punk rock started flowing it was game on!

Highland is an amazing place and each year S’Ender Bash reminds us why; we have an awesome community made of rare humans. It’s a family affair. To all the local and visiting riders, the Highland staff, lifties, cafe ladies, patrol, trail crew, jumpers, racers, and campers… thanks for another epic season! See you in 2015.

6K2A3477Klunking on closing day: A Highland Trail Crew tradition (Slim, Meat Hammer, and Tom)

6K2A3517Highland Trail Crew chief Tom Lepesqueur with some killer helmet art

6K2A3540Want some Lobsta guy?

6K2A3545Yes Please.

6K2A3597Tom klunkin’ the sh*t out of Paddy Glades

6K2A3604Slim klunkin’ air

6K2A3611Tom, wind in his hair



Highland local Mark Carboni sending the Tombstone drop. Photo: “Owl Nuggets”

00000308Slalom Course madness! Photo: Dave Smutok


6K2A3701Mike Kent in Sherwood

6K2A3763Steezy bunnyhop barspin

00000191Mike Kent gettin’ all kinds of tricky in the HTC. Photo: Dave Smutok

00000237Mike Kent. Photo: Dave Smutok

holy_smokesAdam Hauck. Holy Smokes. Photo: Dave Smutok

6K2A3825If Mark Hayes was Santa Dave Smutok would be his elf

141115-PJK-66The Cop Outs. Photo: Paul Kelly

141115-PJK-182America’s Bike Park 100%. Photo: Paul Kelly

6K2A3807VT crew in NH

6K2A4197Adam Hauck, Kara and Aaron Chase… and that other guy

6K2A4393The Highland bar ladies will see you next year!