Words and photos: Ryan Thibault

Beerwolves, cows, gorillas and tutus… oh my! S’Ender Bash 2013 coincided with a full moon and the combination of lunar mania, PBR, and adrenaline proved the perfect recipe for getting our freak on.

Sunny skies, dry dirt and warm temps made for an ideal closing day. Pulling over trailside one could hear the hoots and hollers of riders milking the season down to the last chair. Trail crew got things going up at their shack and pinned it downhill from Klunkerville at dark on their fleet of rigid bikes outfitted with the latest in swoop bars and skinny tires.

For the third year standing the band tore the roof off delivering their best performance to date. Exacerbated by the driving punk-rock-a-billy-celtic-swing of the Cop Outs, folks got wild quick. As things ramped up the dance floor turned into a human demolition derby. The deep end of the mosh pit looked more like a rodeo than a dance floor… and then the boogie board came out.

Another year of history. See y’all in the spring!

Ever been passed by a bike bunny in a tutu?

This guy’s fashion sense is utterly amazing

Lady legs


Sexy Sasquatch

70’s business attire was optional

We found Geoff Ayr like this. Hours earlier he had crashed and became lodged in these five trees. We promptly left him there.

Sweat suit, felt, and hot glue = Richard “Jaws” Patty

Art auction in full swing

Aim for the camera man!

Cop Outs winding up

Welcome to the jungle Matt

Lucent on the mic (it was off)


George Ryan is so pasty he gives off his own light

Kate drops in on the booze bag wave

George getting gnarly

Is it normal for your head to turn purple when it gets excited?

Ugggg! Dylan like woman, Dylan take woman home.

Jay’s pie hole

Holy hell, what a party