Still looking for a killer deal on a sweet mountain biking?

Highland only has a few of their 2014 Park Ready rental bike left for sale. All of the bikes have been overhauled and for a limited time come with a FREE 3 Ride Card. Pick up your bike today and start shredding!

Bike Inventory:

4 – Specialized Status 1 (small) – $1700

2 – Scott Voltage (short) – $1700

1 – Specialized Demo Carbon PATROL BIKE (medium) –  $3500


DSC_5864_0378 DSC_5884_0399 DSC_5876_0390
DSC_5838_0352 DSC_5860_0374 DSC_5853_0370


Overhaul Details:

  • Used rental bikes are sold AS IS and DO NOT come with any written or implied warranty from Highland Mountain Bike Park or the Manufacturer. AS IS condition refers to the current bicycle condition at the time of pick up with below items agreed upon and signed for by the new bicycle owner and mechanic.
  • The following items will be replaced and serviced as part of the end of season overhaul:
    • New OEM Grips, Seats and Pedals
    • New Pivot Bearings
    • New shift cable and housing
    • Clean drivetrain (Chain, Cassette, Crankset)
    • Rear derailleur shifting tuned/adjusted
    • New Brake Pads (Front & Rear)
    • Brake fluid replaced and serviced (Front and Rear)
    • Tires are in ridable condition with no torn knobs
    • Bike frame and components may have scratches from rental use, buyer agrees to accept bike AS IS, and agrees that Highland does not owe free or warranty service/ parts on the bicycle.
    • Additionally the following bikes will have new OEM parts installed:
      • Status 1’s – New OEM Fork, Cranks, Chain guides
      • Voltage FR 20’s – New OEM Fork