Ayr Academy Week 2 from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

Thanks for attending Session 2 of Ayr Academy with Jamie Goldman and Greg Watts – hope you had a rad week! We wanted to forward along a link to the Session Video as well as the Facebook photo album. Feel free to share with your friends and family and show them how awesome camp was. We hope to see you back at Highland again soon! Don’t forget to tag #AyrAcademy with your camp photos so we can share them all winter long.

Until then- ride hard

Ayr Academy Coaches and Staff

Ayr Academy - Week 2

Jamie Goldman hooking the campers up.

Ayr Academy - Week 2

Camp is serious business!

Ayr Academy - Week 2

#AyrAcademy = FREE smoothies.

Ayr Academy - Week 2

Ayr-ing over the Summer Ride Campers.

Ayr Academy - Week 2

Session 3 with Greg Watts and Jamie Goldman.

Check out the full photo album on our Facebook Page