Day two found riders settled in and ready to hit it hard. After a quick breakfast some of the veteran crew headed to the HTC for a quick session. Storch, Zink, Nicho, Kent, and Claw sessioned the resi’ and foam pit for a couple hours perfecting tricks seldom seen even in the safer confines of the training center.

By mid day the weather was too nice to stay inside and the entire Spring Training posse headed to the new dirt jumps in Upper Sherwood. Sherwood was presenting nicely with lips that couldn’t have been better formed in a jello mold. A heavy session ensued!

Words & Photos: Ryan Thibault

6K2A5724Greg Watts on Bonesaw

6K2A5731Highland has seen a huge uptick in lil’ guys ready to learn the sport. Instructor Chris “Green Tires” and his pupil.

6K2A5759Nicholi Rogatking on the resi’

6K2A5838Carson Storch 360 tailwhip

6K2A5850Darren Berrecloth 360 whip

6K2A5884Prepping the Sony Action Cam

6K2A5886Smutok taking the BBQ angle to a new level

6K2A5900Cam Zink and Tyler McCaul

6K2A5907Zink watching Nicho front flip barspin to foam

6K2A5988T-Mac experimenting with physics

6K2A5994Nicho experimenting with physics

6K2A6025Cookie reppin’ RedBull Media House with Claw

6K2A6030Lower Sherwood presenting nicely

6K2A6131Carson moto whip

6K2A6162Simon whip

6K2A6180Watts back bar spin to x-up!

6K2A6181Claw with a lofty tabled out three one hander

6K2A6224Zink three

6K2A6236Zink driving through the hip

6K2A6257Look ma, no nothin’…

6K2A6269Kevin boosting a can-can

6K2A6275Brayden Barrett-Hay whip

6K2A6280A little footy review

6K2A6292Local Avery getting in on the action

6K2A6304Lucent Productions on the scene

DS_IMG_9071Nicho 360 superman seater

DS_IMG_9096T-Mac flipwhippin’

DS_IMG_9115Zink flipwhippin’

DS_IMG_9148Zink, T-Mac