2014 FMB Spring Training presented by Sony Action Cam kicked off yesterday. A temporary RV village had been assembled in the Highland lot. Having arrived earlier in the week, many of the Pros had already called their bunks and settled in. By 10 Thursday morning the RVs had been polluted (blame Watts) and abandoned, and the riders were lift bound.

New faces joined veterans Zink, T-Mac, and The Claw for a full day session. From DH laps, to the RedBull Ayr Bag, and on to the Highland Training Center the riding slowed only for a quick pit stop at the RV village grill for some BBQ.

Words & Photos: Ryan Thibault

6K2A5117First lady of Spring Training Trish Bromley.

6K2A5186Claw and Carson Storch on Bonesaw.

6K2A5218There are seven Toronto riders this year. Kevin Thrower teed off the Pinkbike drop for his first time. T-dot represent!

6K2A5228Birds in the sky courtesy of Zink, Claw, and Carson.

6K2A5240Claw and Zink hammering down the rock staircase on Threshold.

6K2A5243Zink in hot pursuit.

6K2A5277Fresh Freebird bomb holes.

6K2A5282It was a day of many firsts for Kevin Thrower. 35′ Freebird gap, first attempt.

6K2A5333Once again… Claw and Zink off the Reef Drop on Threshold.

6K2A5349All the while the Highland Trail Crew is turning “Bike Park” into a verb.

6K2A5375T-Mac scrub off a drop on Bonesaw.

6K2A5450And then Tyler saw an opportunity to skip about 25 feet of trail by launching berm to berm. Holy sketchy!

6K2A5492Tyler with a steezy table.

6K2A5569Claw exits the RedBull Ayr Bag.

6K2A5635Carson flip whip landing spotting.

6K2A5656A nice backflip no hander from Andrew Bigelow.

6K2A5695Zink and T-Mac, dusty boogers.

6K2A5717I overheard one of the younger Spring Trainers say “This is the first time I have ever BBQ’d (his own food). So Chubey showed him how it’s done.