Good afternoon Highland Family! We hope you’re doing well and enjoying the spring weather. We’re sure that you, like us, are all itching to ride. 

Our team is continuing to meet weekly to plan for the year amidst the persistent uncertainty of the coronavirus. We’re taking this opportunity to evaluate our operations and raise our standards for the future. As we gear up for what is certainly going to be an unusual season, we would like to make you all aware in advance of a couple of new policies:

First, Highland does not have the facilities in place to support camping. We are aware that in the past, some riders have chosen to take advantage of our open lot and stay overnight in their vehicles or tents. In an effort to maximize the steps we are taking to ensure the health and safety of our community, this cannot continue. We can no longer accommodate overnight parking for unauthorized vehicles. Absolutely no camping will be tolerated on Highland property in 2020.

Parking will be limited to one space per vehicle. No RVs or trailers will be permitted to park in the main Highland lot. Oversized vehicles must park in designated overflow spaces. Parking spaces are first-come, first-serve. If you park an oversized vehicle in the main lot or outside of the designated area, you will be asked to move. This will help manage traffic and demand for parking on busy weekends and event days.

Many local accommodations offer discounts to people who have traveled to ride at Highland! There are also some great rental homes in the area that cater to outdoor enthusiasts. For an introductory list, please check out the Accommodations page on our website.

We understand that these measures may seem uncharacteristically strict, but we feel that they are necessary to continuing our operations safely and responsibly. We’re looking forward to seeing you all back at the mountain very soon!