It is early February and dirt patches protrude from the sunbaked jump tops of the Claymore course; this could be a sign of an early meltdown or a reminder not to use logic when living in the land of nor’easters. Whatever the case, Mother Nature was cooperative through December allowing our trail crew to continue building a new trail off the summit. This new trail will be our easiest yet and is designed to get more people of all riding abilities into park riding.


We continue to go down the off-season to do list; on the docket is a bike shop expansion for rental pick-up and returns. To help speed up the process, we’re adding another tool bench inside the shop. This means a quicker turn around and getting you riding the mountain much faster.


As the offseason projects dwindle and the dirt patches grow bigger, the countdown to our 11th season becomes imminent. All these improvements we’ve been working on will help pave the way for more riding in the 2016 season.

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Highland has recently teamed up with Clif Bar for the 2016 Season.  We are happy they have joined the Highland community to grow the sport of mountain biking with us! Expect lots of tasty treats scattered about the park this year.


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