Hard to believe it’s already June. Though we got off to a bit of a late start this year, now that we’re back on the mountain it feels like we never left. It took us those first few days to get comfortable, but our COVID-19 response measures are running smoothly. We can’t thank the Highland Family enough for your efforts to help us keep everyone safe. Remember to check our How-To Guide before you visit to stay up-to-date with how operations have been adjusted.



Trail Crew has been hard at work getting the mountain dialed in for the season. Cat’s Paw and Hellion were both treated to a full, top-to-bottom hand-rebuild this year for the first time in a long time. We aren’t 100% open yet, but we’re moving steadily in that direction. Conditions have been consistently dry: yesterday we finally saw a bit of rain which helped to settle the dust, but once again the forecast is showing another week of clear skies.

Lower Sherwood recently opened with some improvements. We’ve also dropped the rope on Freebird for those of you looking for even bigger sends. We’re working on installing this year’s water systems for the dirt jumps and slopestyle course to keep your favorite dirt well-hydrated for the summer.

Slopestyle, Power Hour, and Central Park will all be opening this weekend, and Happy Hour is on the horizon!



An exciting phenomenon of quarantine and stay-at-home guidance has been a significant increase in the number of people who are riding bikes. Last week marked the first Wednesduro of 2020, and it was the most popular Wednesduro we had ever seen: until this week. Going forward, we will now be offering an additional night of uphill access every Thursday! Learn more here.



With so many new people on bikes, we’re excited to be introducing more riders to downhill. Are you or someone you know looking to progress your riding this season? Highland Training is offering a variety of coaching options for riders of all levels, including private and semi-private lessons, the Find Your Ride package for new riders, Women’s Gravity Weekend clinics, and one-day Kids Camp programs. Give us a call at (603) 286-7677 x 116 or email training@highlandmountain.com to set up your session.

As we move into summer, we’re looking forward to longer days and more laps with our Highland Family. We’re keeping an eye on New Hampshire’s phased reopening guidelines, and will keep you posted as any restrictions lift or operations change. See you on the hill!