Last Wednesday marked the most popular Wednesduro that Highland had ever seen. We assumed it was just a fluke: the season was delayed, we’ve all been cooped up at home—no wonder everyone jumped at the first chance to ride. This week, we figured, would be quieter. We were wrong!

We’re stoked to see this much interest in riding Wednesduro. Starting next week, we will be introducing a second night of uphill access every Thursday: “Thursduro,” if you will. Everything you love about Wednesday, now offered twice a week. Passes are limited and must be reserved online in advance. Let’s get out there and earn those turns!

How early can I arrive?
You can check in and get your wristband as early as 4:00pm. Uphill riding opens at 5:30pm. 

Do I need to reserve a spot online if I have a season pass?
No, you do not.

I have a Wednesduro Season Pass. Can I ride on Thursdays too?
Yes! If you have a 2020 season pass that includes Wednesduro access (the Wednesduro Season Pass, All-Access Season Pass, or Yard Card Season Pass), your pass is also valid for Thursday nights.

Hang on. What even is Wednesduro?
On Wednesday nights (and now Thursdays, too) after the lift closes, we open Freedom Trail for uphill access only. Pedal up and then choose your favorite trail back down.