It’s been a busy few months here at Highland and I wanted to give you guys a quick update on what’s new at the mountain.

Ayr Academy-

Ayr Academy registration is underway and our pro coaches are getting stoked! Here’s a note from Aaron Chase; our pro coach for the first session:

What’s up everyone? Looking forward to showing you guys the ropes of Highland. This place is my home away from home and I have learned a ton of new tricks there, they literally have something for everyone and our camp will be the first group to shred the new indoor park. I am super stoked to hang with everyone all week. See you in NH!!! AC

Visit www.highlandcamps.com to find out more info or to register!

Highland Mountain Bike Park – Ayr Academy Coaches from Lucent Productions on Vimeo.

Claymore Challenge-

The world’s best freeriders will converge at Highland Mountain Bike Park on July 1417th to compete in the nation’s best slopestyle event, the Claymore Challenge. This year’s event will draw riders from all over the world and you can be assured these riders will be coming with a deep bag a tricks.

Confirmed riders include past champions Cameron McCaul and Brandon Semenuk and heavy hitters like Greg Watts, Paul Basagotia, Jamie Goldman, and Cameron Zink.

“These guys better be ready to throw down.  Riders like Eric Lawrenuk, Casey Groves, and Mike Montgomery are registering on a daily basis and you know those guys are ready to stake their claim.”

Visit www.claymorechallenge.com for updates, schedule of events and more!

Claymore Challenge is coming pt. 2 from Highland Mountain Bike Park on Vimeo.

HTC Progress-

The Highland Training Center is well underway and is still on schedule to open later this summer. With 9,100 square feet of indoor training facilities the HTC will be home to the Highland Camp programs, pro riders dialing in the next big trick and anyone else looking to just polish their skills.

The HTC will include custom features I have designed, including a 18’ wide by 24’ long by 6’ deep foam pit, perfect for trying that 360 you’ve been eyeing up.

Check out Highlandmountain.com for weekly progress reports on our ever changing trail network and stay tuned for the announcement of our newest trial in the next few weeks.

See you on the hill.

Dave Smutok