The 2014 OverMountain Enduro saw nearly 200 racers take their speed and skills to Highland’s fresh cut race tracks and bikepark trails. Sunny skies, stoked riders, and big prizes on the line set the stage for an awesome day of racing. Seamus Powell and Marla Streb each took the Pro Men and Pro Women’s wins respectively. Full photo albums coming soon! Thanks racers!


Pro Men

1. Seamus Powell
2. Peter Ostroski
3. Kyle Warner

Pro Women

1. Marla Streb
2. Kimberley Quinlan
3. Lauren Petersen

Amateur Women

1. Clarissa Finks
2. Kelly Ault
3. Rachel Brown

Men 18-Under

1. Alan Worth
2. Robert Shepard
3. Jack Perry

Men 19-29

1. Travis Nevins
2. Michael Wilbur
3. Saben Rossi

Men 30-39

1. Rob Westover
2. Jarrod Ogden
3. Jonathan Dube

Men 40+

1. William Johnson
2. Duane Call
3. Stephane Simard

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Photos: Paul Kelly