Before moving on to new trails we decided to make a much needed change to NE Style.  The makeover ready to ride!

The makeover starts after the big left berm about 1/2 way down NE Style

This used to be a hip now it’s a table.

After the table you will have 2 options: 1. Berm right into new NE Style line or 2. Break away from the line and head straight to Killicrankie

1st new table and 2nd in foreground

After the 2nd new table there’s a left hand berm

then a 3rd new table

Table number 4 out of the woods, into the open,

and into the 2nd right hand berm.

Roller and Table in foreground




Right berm


The rest of this blog is from last week…

Powerful storms have been on and off all week and can play a role in slowing progress. 

Here’s one that rolled in Friday afternoon.

This picture shows a vertical cloud just beyond the telephone pole.  The cloud looked like it was spinning and trying to form into a funnel.  The last tornado was about 15 miles south of the mountain.  Crazy weather!