Highland Mountain Bike Park has partnered with the Freeride Mountain Bike Association (FMBA) to host the 2nd Annual “FMB Spring Training Camp presented by Ayr Academy” to be held at Highland Mountain, in Northfield, New Hampshire June 12-15, 2013.

Freeride Mountain Bike Spring Training is an invite only event for current FMBA Pro licensed athletes. Participants will have exclusive access to Highland’s training facilities for over four days of uninterrupted practice.

In addition to the pro riders, mountain bike media outlets will be in attendance to document the progression (and inevitable antics) that will ensue. Red Bull Media House has come on board to document the action shows to air during the FMB World Tour 2013 Season.

Highland’s resident pro and VP of Business Development Dave Smutok says, “Spring Training is all about providing today’s freeride pro’s with a place to ride features they may not normally have access to outside of a contest. I can’t wait to see what kind of progression happens in just 4 days of camp.”

Highland’s facilities have always been a pro circuit favorite, including a foam pit, resi ramp, 2 dirt jump parks, Claymore Challenge Course and 50×50 Red Bull Bag Jump.

Spring Training will wrap up with a Best Trick contest on Highland’s signature feature “Freebird”, located at the base of the world famous Claymore Challenge slopestyle course- riders will throw down to see who learned what during training and just to make things more interesting some cash will be up for grabs. The public is welcome to attend and cheer on your favorite riders!

The FMB World Tour is in its 4th year and since its inception, new talents have emerged and the level of riding has increased tremendously. There’s a key reason for the rapid progression; athletes around the globe have had to step up their competitive game in their bid for world tour points and Champion’s title.

FMB World Tour representative Markus Fischer says: “The FMBA Spring Training Camp is what the sport needs to evolve further. Compare what the athletes are doing on their bikes today and what they did just 4 years ago, the progression is massive. Now imagine where we can be in a couple of years with training facilities like those at Highland Mountain Bike Park. Opening up these facilities for a Spring Training is a perfect way for athletes to polish up their tricks before the season fully kicks-off. For the fans and spectators it’s all about a great show and impressive tricks at the events. But you need to keep in mind that each trick shows commitment, dedication and hard work. They need to be practiced a lot and the Spring Training camp is the perfect place for that. That’s why the FMBA supports this camp and Highland Mountain Bike Park as an important part for the ongoing progression of the sport and the FMB World Tour.

For more information on the Freeride Mountain Bike Association visit www.fmbworldtour.com

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