Another season on bikes has come to a close! We can’t thank you enough for continuing to be a part of the Highland Family. This year saw record growth across the mountain biking industry, and if you stood in our lift line on a weekend this fall you’ll know that we certainly felt it here at Highland. As we head into the winter, we’re looking forward to tackling some mountain improvement projects that will help accommodate the growing population of downhill riders.

We know you’re going to ask, and no, a new lift is not in the cards—yet. However, we have gotten our hands on a bunch of new chairs and bike carriers that will be added to the existing lift. We’ll be welding and flipping and reattaching for the next few months so that when you roll in for the 2020 season our uphill capacity will have increased by 50%. More chairs on the lift equals less time spent standing in line. Not sure how this works? See below for a highly detailed description: 

Also for 2020, we’re building a new check-in area next to the Highland Flagship store. With more space to process waivers, season passes, and day tickets, we’ll be able to get you in-wristband and on-mountain faster than ever. (Remember, if you’re over eighteen you can fill out your 2020 waiver online before you arrive, so all you’ll have to do is present your photo ID for verification.) The Highland Pub will get full jurisdiction over the top floor of the lodge, meaning you’ll have much more real estate in which to sit down, shed some dirt, and hang out over a beer between laps.

Already missing the mountain? Mark your calendars now for the annual Winter Woolly, happening February 15th. In the meantime: our XC network will be groomed and open to the public for fat biking once the snow flies, the bike shop is open Monday-Saturday, and the Highland Pub is open to the public for dinner on Friday nights and lunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays. Feel free to stop by!

Thanks again for an absolutely incredible season! We’ll all be back on two wheels before you know it.