Spring Training day three was a beauty. After a quick tutorial from the Sony Action Cam crew T-Mac, Watts, and Carson Storch headed out for some DH laps and hit the famous tombstone drop.

By mid day things wound down and the athletes with energy remaining headed out to hit Freebird in the best trick session. A decent sized crowd had formed and the riders rewarded the cheering and MC Chris Lawrence’s jeering with increased amplitude.

Chris AKA Larry bribed the athletes with some cold hard cash for tricks thrown. Standout among the crew was Nicholi Rogatkin. Nico launched a barrage of massive tricks including a cash roll, triple whip, and a lawn dart fronty to take away the evening’s remaining cash purse.

The entire HMBP Crew sends a huge shout out to RedBull and Sony Action cam for making this happen, and to all the fans for coming out for a great time!

6K2A6496Sony Action Cam class in session

6K2A6508Watts ready to roll


6K2A6534Watts on Tombstone

6K2A6543Simon off Tombstone

6K2A6585Event organiser and resident Highland Pro Dave Smutok escaped for a quick lap.

6K2A6637Some local flavor

6K2A6654Bearclaw with the Redbull Media House crew.

6K2A6667Carson Storch had taken a big fall earlier in the day but it took all his will power not to join the fray.

6K2A6677Tanner Leslie

6K2A6682Brayden with a massive back tuck no hander.


6K2A6691A nice corked three

6K2A6700Flip whip


6K2A6706Nico back flip tuck no hander

6K2A6711A HUGE fronty

6K2A6760Larry hands out some dough to Nico


6K2A6804Mike Kent… breakdances down the landing


6K2A6840Mike with a corked 7


6K2A6885The crew

6K2A6896Nico lawn dart

6K2A6924Nico victory


6K2A6948Future FMB athletes