Day two of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour Spring Training brought more familiar faces to lift line. Chase joined the crew and after banging off a few downhill runs with Sorge and T-Mac the boys met up with the rest of the Spring Trainers on the slope course. Like last year Rheeder and Gilding headed straight for Freebird and made the 40′ moto booter gap look easy.

Rain shut down the session, jumps were trapped, the Ayr Bag was deflated. No worries though, days like this are what the Highland Training Center was built for. Off to the dome we went and the session continued through the evening.

Dustin Gilding boosts Freebird as Kurt Sorge looks on

Highland Style

Double trouble, Rheeder and Gilding tag team the moto booter

Rain can’t hold a brother down

Big ‘ol back flip tail whip, classic Rheeder steez

…and then it rained

Party in the back

The crew seeks refuge under the Highland porch

Muddy but not deterred… rinse and ready for the HTC

Mike Kent alley-oop

Kent’s flip whips are starting to look pretty buttery

Rainy day entertainment

Climbing to the queue

The usual suspects, left to right, Kyle Jamison, Swiss Chris, Kurt Sorge, T-Mac, Carson Storch, and Mr. Mitch Chubey

Carson practicing his truck into the foam pit

The veteran

… in action

Sorge three whip

Spring Training Mastermind Dave Smutok

Pro biker yes, skater… not so much

Words and images, Ryan Thibault