Day four of FMB Spring Training at Highland Mountain had riders conserving their energy for the evening’s Best Trick Comp. The full entourage of pro riders had arrived, some like Nick Clarke via 11 hour cannon-ball-run-drive through the night in order to make the event. Most riders passed the early part of the day kicking back around the hill. The vibe was so mellow that folks questioned whether or not the event was going to go off with Highland’s typical amplitude. Ahhh, don’t under estimate Highland my friends.

As the sun got lower the energy changed and the pros assembled at the Ayr Bag and some lofty tricks started to get thrown. As soon as we saw young Nico Rogatkin throwing cash rolls into the bag we knew this evening had the trappings of another epic event.

When the comp ensued everybody went huge right out of the gate. Rheeder and Brayden Barrett-Hay were in classic form, arcing back flip tailwhips over the 40 foot freebird gap. Rheeder had come to Spring Training with the goal of learning front flip bar spins and, after practicing them to foam and Ayr Bag, stomped the trick mid comp. Gilding was going absolutely massive and Carson Storch attempted a gigantore 720 but rang his bell after over rotating. Particularly impressive were Nico’s massive cash-roll attempts and he nearly took the victory if not for dabbing before riding away on his final run. So close!

In the end local mad man Mike Kent took the rightful victory for letting it all hang out with a three-sixty back flip.

The best trick contest was the perfect ending to the 2013 edition of the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour Spring Training Camp. See y’all next year!

Watts had a lil’ run-in with the resi ramp

Nico practicing his cash roll

Gilding warming up with a moto style whip

Signature D. Gilding dumped three

Kyle Jameson and host with the most Aaron Chase

Carson’s massive 720 attempt. So close!

“Get your scrilla son.”

View from the queue

Rheeder fronty

Run-in to Freebird

Barrett-Hay flip whip


Nico cash roll attempt

Nico, So close!

Brayden and Brett, T-dot represent

Mike with the victory!

Words and images credit, Ryan Thibault