This upcoming weekend is the ECCC. We want all riders visiting us to have an idea of what to expect upon arrival so you can better plan your time at the mountain.



  • Short track and Enduro races are on Saturday.
  • Saturday – Short track/XC starts at 8:00 am.
  • Enduro starts at 1 – Public can ride all trails until then.
  • Once the races begin, the following trails will be closed:
    • Easy Rider
    • Fancy Feast
    • Jack Rabbit Run
    • Lower Eastern Hemlock
    • Threshold
    • Faux Pine
    • O.D.B.
    • O.D.C.


  • XC network will be closed in the morning. It will reopen around 1:00 pm.
    • Maiden Voyage and Jack Rabbit will be closed all Sunday. 

ECCC Check in

Registration begins at 7 am for ECCC racers. All racers will need to fill out a 2018 waiver and will need to show legal ID at check in. Under 18 waivers must be signed by parent or legal guardian.

  • Racers only competing in short track and XC may fill out a waiver and receive a wrist band outside at the Highland tent to the left of the lodge.
  • Riders competing in the Enduro and DH races must fill out a waiver and purchase a lift ticket in the Highland lodge.
  • Lift tickets will be discounted to $36 for riders who show their USCC card.
  • Please note – Lift wrist bands also covers short track and  XC races so another band would not be needed.

Highland Pub

  • Breakfast will begin between 7:30-8
  • Grab and go options will be available

It’s going to be busy both Saturday and Sunday so please plan accordingly. Don’t forget we are open from 10-5 on Columbus day as well!