Easy Rider is finally open! And Wow, it was well worth the wait. I got a chance to go up with Highland owner Mark Hayes and his nephew and niece and we got to take some of the first runs down the new trail. I have to say that the trail crew really “hit this one out of the park;” the trail is a dialed beginner trail! It is perfect for a rider that is looking to ride a trail that will safely introduce them to downhill and help them bridge the gap to more technical terrain and riding in the future. It works perfect for a first time rider as the trail is extremely smooth and wide, but as the rider progresses and begins to go faster the trail doesn’t hold them back. As you go faster you make it to the outside of the turns where there are small berms there to assist with learning cornering skills and  in the trail there are natural rollers to help with body position and aid as an intro to pumping the terrain and eventually jumping. These features in the trail make the trail enjoyable for everybody which helps make teaching others fun and not a daunting task. With this trail and the features on it, it will help more riders get into the sport and create a seamless transition to trails like happy hour and meadows end as beginning riders progress. Check out the video from my day with Mark and his nephew and niece.