What a week, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be cruising Boston in limousines to street ride. N east magazine and RedBull Illume made that happen this past Monday. Check out neastmagazine.com and redbullillume.com. Keep an eye out in N east magazine for some street shots. On a side note Pro-Tec is running this ad of me in the next issue of Decline Magazine. ChrisMilliman.com took the photo up on Fancy Feast so feast on this.
    Today was a crowded day at the jump park, before lunch I got to shred with Evil bikes team riders Joey Appleton and Seth Lolli and Geekhouse rider Fitzy. I pulled out my Nikon coolpix pocket studio and shot some pics. Keep in mind the riding was way better then my photo skills can show.

Seth and Joey
Joey boosting about to whip it straight

After lunch some Sinister team shredders blasted airs on the jumps. Its great to see people riding them and don’t worry the jumps will get real good in August. I am off to Whistler for Crankworx this week so stay updated to Littermag.com, declinemagazine.com and I will try to update the blog here.

This is a 5" travel ironhorse mk111 with Lyric and front brake still routed throught the fork and its going into a duffle bag.

The final result of my ninja like packing job. Catch you guys later – Dave