We are less than a week away from the CLIF Slopestyle Presented By The Fox US Open. Here’s the schedule: 


We will be parking cars in our main lot, down Ski Hill Drive, on Bean Hill Road, and at an overflow parking lot about a quarter mile up Bean Hill. We will have transportation to and from Highland from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm from this lot. You can hitch a ride on our free shuttles, ride your bike, or walk to Highland (15 minutes walk). Please pay attention to and obey posted signage.


There will be no RV or camper parking allowed in any of the above areas from Wednesday to Sunday morning. One vehicle per spot. We will be towing vehicles that violate this rule. If you have a RV or camper, there is availability down the street on Bay Hill Rd. Please contact Sean Dunne at dunnebros@yahoo.com for more details.

We are expecting an amazing week of riding bikes and watching some of best riders in the world throw down on our slopestyle course. To accommodate the crowds we are expecting, we are going to be very strict on the parking and camping rules posted above. Make sure to follow www.usopen.bike and join the Facebook Group for the latest updates!

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