Looking out the office window…

At the start of course you have 3 options:

Small (left of photo), medium, and large

If you choose Pro Line you gap the hippo trench and run-in to large step-down

Roll the bridge for 1 & 2 – don’t worry tools won’t be there…

Looking back at the step-downs 1, 2 and 3

After landing the step down you get to pull G-Forces on this massive berm

Once out of the berm you can go huge out of hip lip to the left or take it easy on the right

Pro side of hip looking down to second massive berm in course

This shot is a few days old. Step-up double in the works. There will be big and small options

After that double you hit the 1/4 pipe.  You can ride the top deck to drop, transfer out, or just trick and rail the right berm on left

Drop the deck or transfer out of pipe into big left berm, (3rd monster berm in course). You can hit huge double or hit spine on left

After either hitting the double or the spine you will see a wall.  You can go big on the wall or stay low on the dirt.

The flat spot in the forground is going to be a roof with dirt lips all around.  That dirt mound at the end will grow and be the final option. This course is for Amateurs and Pro’s!

The winner takes home the "Highland Claymore"