Find Yourself: WOOLLY PHOTOS

The 2024 Winter Woolly is officially in the history books! Mother Nature provided us with great conditions this year: a snowstorm early in the week gave the trail crew plenty of fresh material to groom in preparation for the event. The parking lot filled up early on Saturday morning with fat bikers from near and far looking to take advantage of early-morning frozen conditions before the inevitable carnage of the afternoon.

The surface lift to Central Park was open for its first ever Winter Woolly, and riders took full advantage of the new terrain. Thrasher appeared to be the trail of the day, with party trains catching shockingly big air on the jumps and features. Not something you get a chance to see very often from the fat tire crowd!

Conditions got a little sloppy as the day progressed–the natural consequence of a sunny day and a few hundred enthusiastic fat bikers. The mountain was alive with laughter, heckling, and good old-fashioned whooping. “Nothing to see here!”

Even the Freebird landing saw some snowy action when the bike shop crew broke out their inflatable hot dog sled. There’s never been a Woolly without some fresh hijinks!

The Winter Woolly is always one of our favorite days of the season. The novelty of the concept alone would be enough to put it toward the top of the list, but the atmosphere is really what does it. Right in the middle of our off-season, just when we’re missing the Highland Family the most, everyone descends on the mountain to get a little weird and have a great time. Catching up with friends in the lift line, lapping familiar terrain in unfamiliar conditions, and finishing the day in the lodge surrounded by fellow riders all swapping stories about a wild day on the hill…that’s our happy place!

Many thanks to the staff, volunteers, and riders who make this event such a good time every year. We’ll see you at the next one!