Highland hosted the third annual Battle of Hellion race on Sunday. A favorite among local DH’ers, the BOH consists of timed single amateur runs and multiple six racer heats for the pros. Hellion, Highland’s signature jump trail, provided an action packed battle ground with its mile-long descent and packed features including sizable tables, step-ups, and massive berms.

In the end pro racers Phil Kmetz and Karen Eagan took the top spots. Both were awarded the Battle of Hellion trophy shields atop the granite podium, ending the festive OverMountain Enduro/Battle of Hellion weekend at Highland. Next up, S’ender Bash!

View complete results here

6 racers across line up for the pro heats

Full throttle for the pole position

Dylan Conte takes the lead in pro heat #1, but can he hang onto it?

Highland coach Chad “Steak” DeLuca keeping the mood light while in Hellion

Rubbin’ is racin’

Warp speed achieved.

Angel’s wings won’t help you in this race

This race is a full-on spectator event with fans from far and wide, and the underworld

George Ryan and Aaron Chase, last year’s winner and runner-up, wonder where it all went wrong this time around.

At over a mile long, Hellion has no shortage of killer views

Phil Kmetz keeps it low and fast on the way to victory

The dark lord of Hellion himself, Highland’s own Mark Hayes.

Pro Women’s winner Karen Eagan, and runner-up Stephanie Sowles

Pro Men’s victor Phil Kmetz triumphantly hoists the coveted Battle of Hellion Shield