Another epic Highland Mountain Bike Park season is in the history books!

Jean jacket? Check. Mullet wig? Check. Pink tiger print sweat pants? Check. It’s S’Ender Bash time baby!

The season ender celebration began well before the lifts made their last revolution ’round the bull wheel for 2012. As the lift line waned and the bar began to fill the Highland Trail Crew set out on their annual season ending mission. Clad in costumes and mounted atop classic clunker bikes, the Crew made their final pilgrimage down the hill. With Slim in the lead they trundled down Happy Hour. Cheers erupted from spectators riding the chair lift above. The S’ender Bash had officially begun.

Inside the Highland Base lodge the crowd was ramping up. Some solid videos entries were submitted to the 2012 VitalMTB S’Ender video contest but none whipped the crowd into a fever pitch like George Ryan’s epic edit “Pursuit of Happiness.” A home spun vid, “Pursuit” highlighted George and friends (Aaron Chase and Adam Hauck to name a few) raging around the east from Jersey to Highland. George walked away $500 richer with the first place entry, promptly spending it on $3 drafts.

“Cop Outs, Cop Outs, Cop Outs!”

The crowd was ready for more stimulation in the form of some wholesome punk rock music and Highland’s resident rockers The Cop Outs were happy to oblige. By the end of their third song the mosh pit was turbulent. Those unwilling to swim the stage-front sea of writhing bodies sought refuge at the far end of the lodge near the tattoo parlor.

“Tattoos?” You ask.

Flipping right, Highland had arranged a Tattoo parlor to be set up on the lodge’s porch and the artists put ink to dermis all night long.

By the time the band had finished their best rendition of “Bro Hymn” to date, not one but two people had gotten Highland H logo tattoos!

Where else in the world can one go to ride a classic Schwinn cruiser down a mountain, watch some vids, win five hundred bucks, mosh your face off, pound Peebers, and get a bad ass tattoo?

See you in 2013 my Highlanders.

-Ryan Thibault

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