Here we go Again

Get ready for a teaser every week till April.

Closing Day Auction

Check out all closing day auction items now online HERE!!

First Video entries

Here are the first few videos entered in the contest. Go to and upload your video now, only 11 days left! Fortuna,716/general-lee,957″>O Fortuna – More Mountain Bike Videos ncooper-Update-GES,703/Voncooper-Productions,1124″>Voncooper Update: GES – More Mountain Bike Videos rs-on-his-TR450,702/SyndromeRacing,1138″>Lars on his TR450 – More Mountain Bike Videos

Behind the scenes with DH-Productions

“>”Adventures of GR” Ep.7 – Behind the Scenes from George Ryan on Vimeo.

DH-Productions new Movie

Here we go again….

Maiden Ending complete

The new ending to Maiden is OPEN.

Bike Swap

Maiden Ending

Maiden Voyage is getting a beefed up ending. Instead of the current last drop the trail will stay in the woods a bit longer and drop out here.

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