Saturday, May 13th–Sunday, May 14th

Saturday was an especially exciting day at the park as female riders from as far away as Michigan arrived for the annual Women’s Gravity Weekender event. This year saw record numbers and even more progression. The day started out in the Park Ready Zone and ended with massive lady trains down trail favorites such as Cat’s Paw, Happy Hour, and Fancy Feast. Giggles resonated throughout the woods as women shared their family’s reactions to their choice of Mother’s Day activity.

Park Ready Train

Park Ready Zone

Dropping In

The positive energy was contagious and only continued to build as riders worked through rock gardens, drops, and jumps. The freshly built Freedom Trail provided the perfect introduction to downhill as many of the women were experiencing chairlift assisted downhill for the first time. As riders gained confidence they were able to explore the rest of the mountain guided by Highland’s top female coaches.

With wet weather predictions on the horizon, Saturday at the park was a busy day. It was truly heartwarming to hear encouragement and cheers being offered from the chairlift by all riders, both witnessing as they free-rode for the day, and participating.

Other iconic moments included the conquering of the upper Happy Hour trail rock garden and the commitment of sending all three wooden drops in the Park Ready Zone. Riders then applied these newly learned skills on top to bottom runs, making for an incredible day of learning and fun.

Coach Whitney

Freedom Trail Train

Rider in Berm


There is truly something to be said for the support and camaraderie that occurs in an all-female environment. The dynamic was fantastic, enabling riders to accomplish goals that they had hoped to master by the end of the season in one day. True friendships were formed, and return trips planned, with many high-fives and hugs in the process. It will be exciting to see what the rest of the season has in store.

Many thanks are owed to all who contributed to such a high morale. Clif Bar, for fueling the event with delicious Luna Bars. The Highland Camps coaching staff, for their unparalleled encouragement and instruction. All the female riders, who stepped outside their comfort zones and took part. Highland Mountain Bike Park thanks you!


Women's Gravity Weekender Group Shot