“Trying to decide my favorite trail at Highland is really challenging.  They all have their own perks which is what makes riding at Highland soo much fun.  I like to start off my day with Cat Scratch or Fancy Feast, both of which are great warm up runs that are great for really letting it ripe.  NE Style is fantastic when you’re ready to just go for it, but no matter how many times I do it, the big drop at the top still scares the daylights out of me.  Threshold is like a one two punch and then some.  It’s a great technical trail with some nice quality drops and hits mixed in at just the right spots.  And then there’s Maiden Voyage which I am still figuring out and discovering its unique lines.  So I guess to answer your question, my favorite place to ride is Highland and that’s because I run out of energy or daylight long before I run out of great riding options”