Friday Night Race League Bucket

Thank you to all who came out to race this past Friday down Cat’s Paw! A special thank you to ODI Grips, the presenting sponsor of the Friday Night Race League. Stay tuned to our Facebook for the announcement of the weeks trail, posted on Wednesdays at 3pm.

Thank you to our sponsors, CLIF, Amateur Cooperative, Oskar Blues, Highland Flagship Store, SDG, Fox Head Racing and Spank Bikes for hooking all our riders up with awesome prizes!

Photo Credit: Mike Kirtley

FNRL Week 6 — Cat's Paw Start

The calm before the race on the summit

FNRL Week 6 — CLIF Bridge on Cat's Paw

Coming around to the CLIF bridge

FNRL Week 6 — Cat's Paw Steve Avery

Steve Avery leaving the rest in the dust

FNRL Week 6 — Cat's Paw Jake Deware

Rider Jake Deware cruising down Cat’s Paw

FNRL Week 6 — Cat's Paw Sunny D

Sunny D making it look so easy

FNRL Week 6 — Cat's Paw

Dust Trail

Male Under 12 Placers — Week 6

Male Under 12 Placers Nowell Croix, Brody Laker and Kai Dude

Junior Male 13–17 Placers — Week 6

Junior Male 13–17 Placers Ben Conner, Jake Deware and Collin Dexter

Women's Open Placers — Week 6

Women’s Open Placers Deanna Bartlett, Tania Lillak and Kyleigh Smith

Men's 18–39 Placers — Week 6

Men’s 18–39 Placers Steve Avery, Jesse Bourque and Nick Herrman

Men's 40+ Placers Mark Schnepel, Joe Plumpton and Tom Smith

Men’s 40+ Placers Mark Schnepel, Joe Plumpton and Tom Smith

[gview file=”https://highlandmountain.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/FNRL-WK-6-Results.pdf”] [gview file=”https://highlandmountain.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/FNRL-Week-Six-Points.pdf”]