Highland Mountain Pro GRT #2 Results

The USA Cycling Pro Gravity Mountain Bike Tour (Pro GRT) resumed with the Highland Bike Park race in Northfield, N.H., on May 14-15.

The men’s race was dominated by Trek World Racing as Neko Mulally (Reading, Pa.), Aaron Gwin (Temecula, Calif.) and Justin Leov represented it in the first three positions. Curtis Keene(Fremont, Calif./Specialized-SRAM) placed fourth, ahead of Cody Warren (Alpine, Calif./DRD X-Fusion Intense Factory Team).

After qualifying in dry, sunny conditions, rain on Sunday changed the course to slick and muddy terrain. Mulally bolted down the hill 2.5 seconds faster than Gwin. Leov finished just over one second behind Gwin and 2.3 seconds ahead of Keene, who narrowly edged Warren at the finish line.

After his win at Highland Mountain Bike Park, Mulally has tied Danny Hart (Giant Factory Off Road Team) for the top spot in the 2011 Men’s Individual Pro GRT standingsRichie Rude, Jr. (Golden, Colo./Yeti Cycles) is in third place ahead of Gwin (Temecula, Calif./Trek World Racing) and Andrew Neethling (Giant Factory Off Road Team), who are tied for fourth.

On the women’s side, Jill Kintner (Ferndale, Wash./Transition Racing), who has won both Pro GRT races so far, was the only woman to finish in less than three minutes. Kintner completed the course 10 seconds ahead of Joanna Petterson (Specialized). Petterson, herself, had a 10-second cushion on third-place finisher Lauren Daney (Stafford, Va./Specialized Grom). Vaea Verbeek (Intense Cycles) crossed the finish line six seconds behind Daney and 13 seconds in front of Cierra Smith (Reno, Nev./Specialized AllRide Academy).

After her win at Highland Park, Kintner has an 80-point lead over Petterson and Miller in the 2011 Women’s Individual Pro GRT standingsMary Moncorge (Santa Cruz Alliance) is in fourth place, two points ahead of Daney.

Full results of the Highland Mountain Bike Park race can be found here.

PRO GRT standings

1. Neko Mulally (Reading, Pa./Trek World Racing) — 60
1. Danny Hart (Giant Factory Off Road Team) — 60
3. Richie Rude (Golden, Colo./Yeti Cycles) — 43
4. Aaron Gwin (Temecula, Calif./Trek World Racing) — 40
4. Andrew Neethling (Giant Factory Off Road Team) — 40Women
1. Jill Kintner (Ferndale, Wash./Transition Racing) — 120
2. Joanna Peterson (Kapea, Hawaii) — 40
2. Miranda Miller (Santa Cruz-SRAM-Pinkbike) — 40
4. Mary Moncorge (Santa Cruz Alliance) — 32
5. Lauren Daney (Stafford, Va.) — 30