The 2014 OverMountain Enduro saw nearly 200 racers descend upon Highland Mountain Bike Park’s fresh cut race tracks and bikepark trails. Sunny skies, stoked riders, and big prizes on the line set the stage for an awesome day of racing. The first stop on the Triple Crown Eastern Enduro Series was a rider favorite, boasting a course many called challenging and humbling, but most of all fun. Post-race riders relaxed with free beverages in the Giant beer garden, the perfect venue to share their stories of battle from the day! When it was all said and done, MTB hall of famer Marla Streb took the Pro Women’s win, and Seamus Powell rode to the top step for the Pro Men. The Highland crew and Triple Crown Enduro Series send a huge thank you to Giant Bicycles, Louis Garneau, Liv, G-Form, Thule, Kingdom Trails and the Village Sport Shop for making this event possible. See you next year racers!

140824-PJK-43Knight Ide on Stage 1 Photo: Paul Kelly

140824-PJK-65Photo: Paul Kelly

140824-PJK-84The lovely Pro Ladies 2nd place finisher Kimberley Quinlan Photo: Paul Kelly

140824-PJK-157Stage 3’s Reef Drop was a hit with the spectators Photo: Paul Kelly

140824-PJK-199The Stage 4 “rock falls” Photo: Paul Kelly

140824-PJK-351Yokuls 🙂 Photo: Paul Kelly

140824-PJK-366Family day at the park Photo: Paul Kelly

140824-PJK-379Photo: Paul Kelly

140824-PJK-386 Best accommodations in town Photo: Paul Kelly

6K2A8713Scoping the day’s racing Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A8731Stage 1- Faux Pine’s rock garden Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A8781Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A8785Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A8789Jeff Lenosky on stage one Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A8904Knight Ide and Mike Mader ready to depart on Stage 2 Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A8986 Reef Dropping Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9034Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9107Rock falls on Stage 4 Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9191Chase is always pumped to be at his home mountain Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9212Timing is serious business Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9237The Big Lenosky and lil’ Lenosky tandem ride Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9255Hashtag that brah! Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9257Not everybody survived unscathed Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9262When I grow up I’m gonna be a… Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9264Mountain bike royalty and ladies pro first place winner Marla Streb! Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9267The boss-man himself, Mr. Mark Hayes Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9275Amateur Women – 1. Clarrissa Finks, 2. Kelly Ault, 3. Rachel Brown Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9278Men 18-Under – 1. Alan Worth, 2. Robert Shepard, 3. Jack Perry Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9283Men 19-29 – Travis Nevins, 2. Michael Wilbur, 3. Saben Rossi Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9289Men 30-39 – 1. Rob Westover, 2. Jarrod Ogden, 3. Jonathan Dube Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9296Men 40+ – 1. William Johnson, 2. Duane Call, 3. Stephane Simard Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9302Pro Women’s Podium – 1. Marla Streb, 2. Kimberley Quinlan, 3. Lauren Petersen Photo: Ryan Thibault

6K2A9315Pro Men’s Podium – 1. Seamus Powell, 2. Peter Ostroski, 3. Kyle Warner Photo: Ryan Thibault

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