Highland Mountain and Cannondale Host the OverMountain Enduro Race, the first-ever European enduro-format race in North America

“Highland Mountain Bike Park made history on October 22nd, hosting the first-ever North American OverMountain Enduro Race of its kind.  The event was comprised of three distinct sections or “specials”, theevent favored a balanced rider; one with a capacity for both excellent downhill handling skills and the fitness and finesse of cross-country racing…all on one bike.”

“This race shows not only the impressive growth and evolution of Mountain Biking, but also the incredible commitment of Highland Mountain to this sport,” said Johannes Huseby, Cannondale Global Director of Mountain Bike Products.  “The format was unique and challenging and brought out riders of all backgrounds and abilities…Downhillers, Cross Country Racers and everyone in-between.”


Full Results- OverMountainEnduro

Climber’s Prime- OverMountainEnduro_Prime