Just in time for some cool fall day riding the new linking trail, aimed towards advanced riders will be making its debut this weekend. Just like any good dirt jump line Power Hour progresses from small warm up jumps to massive smile inducing victory booters. Only this time it’s designed with the downhill bike in mind! Power Hour can be access directly by downhill trail ODB or from upper Happy Hour. From Happy Hour simply veer slightly after passing under the chair lift and look for the trail sign.

Roll, manual, or double the rollers on your way towards the first small step down.

Cruise Towards the small road gap, and over the bridge into a 15′ Table affectionatly known as the “MEAT SHAKE.”

Landing at the top of the landing will set you up nicely for the giant curved wall ride that follows. There is a round about below the wall ride for those trying to feel the trail out.

Immediately following the wall ride is P-68, a cannon log not for the faint of heart. Tapping the breaks before p-68 IS recommended! There is another b-line to the left of the cannon log for those still feeling the trail out.

Upon touching down on the landing following P-68 you should now be nearing Mach-1. Not to worry a 28′ step down awaits to accommodate your speed and set you up for the first 33′ Table top.

Resist the Urge to fist pump just yet and hold on to your grips down the waterfall landing for one more Massive Table leading you back to merge into the bottom of Happy Hour. You may now pull off to the side and fist pump!

As with any new construction please check the the trail out before you ride it. Most importantly help us break the trail in!