On Saturday April 6th Highland’s HTC hosted the first April Session. The HTC was opened up for an afternoon of early season shredding and air time. It was a great low-key session in the build-up to Highland’s opening on May 2nd. Well attended by MTB and BMX riders, with many of them charged up from Friday’s “Bike Nights” session at Rye Airfield, the HTC’s resi-drop, foam pit, and step-up ramp saw a ton of action.

East coast pros Mike Kent and Brandon Christie along with riding buddies, showed up to throw down the big tricks while raising the bar during the chill session.

Head to Highland’s HTC every Saturday this April from 12-4pm. Get your skills dialed for the season and try some new tricks airing into the foam pit! There are three more to go, and they fill-up quick! Sessions are capped at 25 riders. Click here for more info, and e-mail HTC@HighlandMountain.com to sign-up for upcoming sessions!