This past weekend in Richmond VA was the second annual Dominion River Rock Festival.  Highland Freeriders Clint McMahon, Rocco Quintiliani, Mike Kent and Dave Smutok went down to compete in the Native Eyewear Slopestyle. On Friday evening’s best trick contest Clint McMahon took the win with a Decade, very few people can land this trick and Clint makes it look easy. 

The main event was Saturday night; it was based off speed and difficulty of tricks on the three big jumps.  The weather was great, crowd was huge and riding was top notch.

Results Top 5

#1 Adam Hauk
#2 Rocco Quentalini
#3 Aaron Chase
#4 Dave Smutok
#5 Mike Kent

Native also put up a beach cruiser for a dedicated slow race, everyone lined up and the last person to cross the finish line without coming to a stop or putting a foot down won a custom Native Cruiser.  Dave just happened to be the slowest guy out there.

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