Did you know that we offer rewards to campers who introduce someone new to Summer Ride or Ayr Academy? We want to thank you for spreading the Highland Camps story and encouraging others to join us on the mountain. Refer a friend to camp, and there’ll be a Highland gift card waiting for your on your first day.

This month only, we’re celebrating the friendships formed and strengthened through mountain biking by offering a limited time bonus reward. If your friend enrolls during the month of February they will receive a Highland Camps program hoodie, and in addition to your Highland gift card you will also receive a hat!

Camp is better with friends. Download and submit the Referral Rewards form on your parent dashboard or email it to us at camps@highlandmountain.com to claim your rewards.

To qualify for Referral Rewards, you must be an alumni of Summer Ride or Ayr Academy, and the friend you are referring must have never attended a Highland Camps program. Referral Rewards are given as Highland gift cards when you check in for your first day of camp. Amounts are based on which program your friend enrolls in: Ayr Academy ($100); Summer Ride overnight ($50); Summer Ride day ($25)

To qualify for the February Bonus Rewards, your Referral Rewards form and your friend’s enrollment must be received during the month of February.