This upcoming weekend is the ECCC. We want all riders visiting us to have an idea of what to expect upon arrival so you can better plan your time at the mountain.

Closed Trails Saturday:
Reef Around
Paddy Glades
Slalom Course
Fancy Feast
Easy Rider
Meadows End

Closed Trails Sunday:
XC Network
Maiden Voyage
Jack Rabbit Run



  • 7:00AM Registration Opens at Highland Lodge
  • 8:00AM Team Relay
  • To follow Men’s C STXC – 20 min
  • To follow Men’s B STXC – 25 min
  • To follow Women’s B STXC – 20 min
  • To follow Women’s A STXC – 25 min
  • To follow Men’s A STXC – 30 min
  • 9:00AM Enduro Practice Begins
  • 10:30AM Registration closes for the day
  • 12:00 PM Enduro Practice Ends
  • 12:30 PM Enduro Riders Meeting @ Base Lodge
  • 1:00 PM Enduro Starts
  • Riders can do stages in any order they want
  • 4:00PM Enduro ends


  • 7:00AM Registration Opens at Highland Lodge
  • 8:30AM XC First Wave
  • Women’s A and Open XC – 3 laps
  • Men’s C XC – 2 laps
  • Women’s B XC – 2 laps
  • 9:00AM DH Practice Begins
  • 10:00AM XC Second Wave
  • Men’s A and Open XC – 4 laps
  • Men’s B XC – 3 laps
  • 11:00AM Registration closes for the day
  • 1:00PM Downhill Begins
  • Men’s C, B and Open, A, Women B, A

ECCC Check in

All racers must complete a 2019 Highland waiver. Anyone age 18 and over can complete the waiver online: https://highlandmountain.com/waiver-policy/. Anyone under age 18 must bring a notarized waiver or have a parent present to sign.  All riders and parents of minors MUST present a valid photo ID at check in.
The Highland lodge will be open at 7am for registration, which will be located in the left corner of the lodge.
Racers using the lift (Enduro and DH) will need to purchase a $38 lift pass each day. This year, we are able to take one form of payment from each school, cash or credit only. The lift wristband also covers the non-lift races.
Racers not using the lift (Short Track and XC), will need to complete a waiver and will receive a non-lift wristband (at no charge).
Racers doing Short Track or XC who wish to purchase a lift pass and ride for fun after their race may get a discounted $38 day pass at the ticket counter. However, we ask that they please come back later in the morning to buy their lift pass to keep the flow of traffic down.
Racers participating in the Short Track race on Saturday AND the XC race on Sunday do NOT need to get another non-lift wristband. The non-lift wristband will be the same color on Saturday and Sunday. 
It’s going to be busy both Saturday and Sunday so please plan accordingly. Thank you for your patience!