Crankworx has stepped it up again.  There was a best trick contest last Thursday and it was unreal; Greg Watts landed a ground breaking flipwhip off the big step down. Cam McCaul landed and superflip and many other riders were cork flipping and tailwhipping the step down as well.  Check out a few pictures of the nastiness.

Greg Watts catching a tailwhip while flipping the big drop….NASTY

Greg Watts  catching his tailwhip while flipping off the drop...NASTY

Andreu flipping the step down

Andreu superman off step down

Here is a view of the jumbotron half way up the slopestyle course.

Friday night was the premier of DH-Productions’ new movie, Lattitudes.  The whole place was packed and Highland Mountain scored the closing section in the movie which is a big honor. The movie should be out this fall, it is a must for your library. Keep checking dh-productions.com for that.

The slopestyle was very impressive, this year had a deep field and with only 8 making it into the finals, some great riders and runs didn’t make it to finals.  Go to crankworx.com check out some highlights video.