We at Highland spent some time thinking about our fans and what they mean to us. We realize that most of you have gone the extra smile to become “super fans!” So this year we are returning the favor to our fans. Up for grabs at Claymore will be an event Prize pack and we’ll make you famous by highlighting your enthusiasm all over the web! So, go raid grandmas house and take every art supply she owns, we need you to hide from the wife in the basement brainstorming for hours. To be dubbed the “Claymore Super Fan” you are going to have to be the rowdiest, most creative, funniest, and just in general best fan of the Claymore! The announcers will be on site all weekend to witness  your spectating, and Saturday they will pick the super fan! So this year when you come to the Claymore to spectate bring your game face and we’ll make you the “Official Claymore Super Fan”!