Today was an epic day at highland. All day it seemed rain was approaching off in the distance but it stayed far away for the full day leaving the slopestyle course sunny and hot! Right from the beginning of practice riders were throwing down. The rider pool was not what you would expect to see at a slopestyle event, with around half of the riders being over 30 it was a cool sight to see. And these guys didn’t hold back giving the young guns a run for their money but at the end of the day it was the young guns that took the podium. Highland bike shop employees Chad “Steak” Deluca and Chris “green tires” Chimeilewski taking fourth and third, Highland regular rider Chad Allen taking second and in first another Highland regular, Aaron Hamel. It was an epic vibe with all the riders and the competition was really just a bunch of friends and fellow riders pushing each other to their limit. If you missed it this year you can ask anyone that was here; you don’t want to miss it again!

-results and pictures posted below, check back later for video!