Over 100 women descended on Highland to take part in the 3rd Annual Women’s Freeride Festival! With the help of several certified volunteer coaches, these lucky ladies learned to pump, jump, drop, and flow trail like never before. With Highland’s Specialty Coaches on hand to help those looking to get the most out of their air time in AYR bag and HTC sessions, miles of smiles resulted all weekend long!

Here is what the women are saying:

“This is just a note of thanks for everything you did this past weekend for me and all the rest of the gals (and guys) who attended. Every moment up there was a blast. The knowledge gained from watching and listening to all of you incredible instructors, the camaraderie that was felt from being in the company of so many “like minded women”, and just the plain good ole’ fashioned fun we all had. The lodge was so full of positive energy, goodness and love, that when I left I swear I floated all the way home. I have the sweetest hangover today from all the good vibage being passed around. I met soo many cool people, and the exercise on the hill was great too! So cool, so good. You rock. Highland rocks. RLG rocks. WFF rocks…”


A huge thank you to all of the volunteer coaches for making the event possible!

Trish Bromley, Sue Clifford, Tina Dwan, Kathi Krause, Kate Parhiala, Stephanie Sowles, Sheryl Stride, Christine Nason.

Special thanks to Chris and Chad for lending their expertise and specialties!!

Thank you event sponsors and supporters:

Vitamin Shoppe LUNA Chix SHWINGS
Vermont Peanut Butter Seacoast Career Schools of Manchester TEVA
Dirty Jane Bike Pots Winter Woman Designs
Philbrick’s Bike & Board Wheelworks JRA Cycles

Thanks ladies, see you next year!